Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh la la!

By summer time this, along with some others need to be in my possession...

Glided Cuff

soooo hot

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Blank stare... :|

So ciara is FINALLY dropping her new album
and this is her ACTUAL first single for the album; Fantasy Ride
(remember go girl? or whatever it was called...)

i'm not a hater, but i really am not feeling this video... this song
WHICH by the way is a remake, listen to the hook?
"if you don't know me by now" -simply red 89'

i like ciara i do, she used to have bangers just two years ago, but i'm really not feeling anything in this video, not the hair (stop with the blonde), not the wardrobe, not the song, actually i think the only thing i'm feeling is jeezy and the ridonclous acrobatic shit she can do ( the girls good i give her that)

i'm sorry i'm not a fan this time around, but i'm waiting for the next single

none the less

Never ever- Ciara ft Young Jeezy

It's Snowing In Aspen...

dont hate; just DO better.

I was on one of my FAVE blogs; lateboots, and there was a video posted about showing love,hating and things of that sort. Jay and I really took in the video so i decided i would post it, and Jay came up with an idea to kind of make a response to it from our perspective.

So this is PART 1

Welcome To I Hate 2 Love U. from LateBoots on Vimeo.

look out for our video; later tonight.

Friday, January 30, 2009

they will be mine. sooner or later

See! i have a thing for SHOES[not just sneakers] BUT these, need to be apart of my collection..SOON.
Im keeping my eye out on the internet, but seeing that my feet are sizes are always DEH DEH sold out!

sooo sad.
they will be mine, they better be mine.
someway, somehow.


Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've taken a liking to makeup recently, i think a simple outfits and fab makeup is the way to go this summer. I plan on starting my makeup collection VERY soon. So far I'm really into the Palette's by Urban Decay, and the obvious Mac collections.

This particular post is about the HELLO KITTY line, coming to Mac. ITS wicked...the colours are nice, not to mention the accessories, and all that good stuff, i always liked hello kitty so i think i might start off my collection with a few of these items once they hit store.

SHUT UP Tenika, and Jannelle i can HEAR you.. this is what I'm blogging about!


HOT; For the Gents;

Gourmet 2009 fall collection, they are on their way. If you loved the Michael Jordan inspired collection, you will definitely love these unique numbers. Available in either high top or low, its the luxury of taking modern day sneakers and bringing a classy more conservative look to them, thus is what these gourmet portray, a more classy look to a sneaker. I look at them as a sneaker you can wear to an upper echelon club but still be admitted because they look stylish more chic!

Format magazine


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OBAMA; From Capital to Capital!

Of course I am going to claim this as a very exciting event that will take place in my life. 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama is making the first traditional foreign destination to none other then Ottawa,Ontario; Canada. On February 19th, 2009; After speaking with Prime Minister Harper on climate change and an economical boost that is need by the historical allied countries, this visit will be like no other. Obama's visit comes in a week when the House of Commons is not scheduled to be in session, making an address to Parliament by the 44th president unlikely. So we just have to sit tight to see what happens next.

The Nations capital university ( Carleton University ) is trying their hardest to have the president do a seminar at the school. This, continues to be a n event in the process. Hopefully this idea can be come a reality! boy, would i jump for joy, smiling with a dance at the same time. I would definitely cut my reading week short for this event! Read all about it!

via; Ottawa Citizen


2009 Pre-Fall Fashion Mix

Believe it or not! Very chic.Very everyday wear-like. Not too fussy, but very sharp!

via; Calvin Klein
(Pre-fall 2009 Collection)


Nicholas Kirkwood

honestly just google him...
i'm speechless right now...
this collection is CRAZY! lol

via; Nicholas Kirkwood

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Marc Jacobs heart purse

Marc Jacobs purse valentines day edition
it's cute
but cute
I love mr Jacobs
Please send me one!


It's Snowing In Aspen..

More Blueprint 3 leaks..

You guy's know the deal
Blueprint 3 coming sometime soon ( if you recently heard the news, jay-z hasn't set a release date, says "he's taking his time with this album")

My niggggaaaaa

" When the money goes, will the honey's stay?"

It's Snowing In Aspen...


No Words--


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As you may know, Rainey and I attend Carleton University located in Canada's capital, Ottawa. Yes the "Capital", and thus I raise my argument. Today is January 27th, 2009. The public transportation also know as the O C Transpo commenced the strike on December 10th, 2008. Now. Could someone please do the math and calculate how many days, WEEKS, that this stirke has been going on for? Thats 48 days, almost 7 weeks and rumor has it that this strike is going to continue for 14 more weeks. 14 MORE!? I honestly do not know how much more of this I can take. We don't live on residence, we live in a 3 bedroom house, which is really a shame because we can't stay there. Who can afford 40 dollars for a cab everyday round trip to school and back? And then food, this is honestly ridiculous and getting out of hand. The school offers shuttle buses which does not make it any easier because thousands of students have to take that 1 dinky school bus. on top of that, the bus drivers do not know time. they are not punctual at all. Dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with being late sometimes, but when your late, im late for class, and i can understand 5 10 minutes but 45 - 1h and 15, 20 minutes is not doing it at all, especially since its -18, -22 outside. I don't know anymore. Who do Icomplain to? Who can I conversate with who can actually change this situation for the better. You know how many petititions i have signed in the past 2 weeks? Like I don't even feel like going to school, because the hassel is outrageous.

On top of that because of the York University strike, Carleton Tutorial Assistance just recently hada vote which was 52 - 48% of going on strike? =0 I mean the vote did not go through and there is no strike, but mark my ward, if York TA's get what the want, every university in Ontario is going to do the same thing, for more money fore more benefits. This is probably not going to be my last post about this, because if this continues, Yes mom, I'm going to Concordia next year. Absolutely, the province of Quebec is getting my tutition money! And the good thing about that is that I can utilize my french skills and improve on a second language!

But thats not the situation here at hand, I mean i pass the parliament building everyday, its not like they don't see whats going on and how chiatic it is everyday. END THE STUPID STRIKE!!....
I have criminal law class at 6:05 so I actually have to run there or I'll be late so I rushed this a bit, sorry, BUT...

End the stirke....

OR ELSE!!!!!!



Kanye you genius




jay britt;

Random thoughts

Your a weak minded individual...

Inspiration for my next task...

i have to write a song for one of the classes i'm taking

so much work to be done...

i will post it when i'm done

*sigh... post secondary life

By the way;
missed me? lol 

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Friday, January 23, 2009


ive never been soooo ANGRY, my hands hurt because i was actually punching some walls.
besides STUPID people, SELFISH people are just a bunch i cannot tolerate.
Yes! i may not have a problem with saying NO, but im not a selfish person, i would go above and beyond for my friends and my family, if i have it...and they want it...they got it.

thats all i have to say.

it ME time, im kinda over putting out for people, who really dont apperciate or could care less.
i cant have my feelings hurt, nuh more.
like my friend QQ would say, "mi nah love nobody but mi HEARRRRRT."


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sharing is Caring

Jannelle got a Quilt for Christmas, anddd she's not sharing. It's WELL warm,and comfy.


20 & 2

Two of my FAV people in the whole WIDE world have birthdays coming up, and im TRES (very) excited i cant wait.

Im going home this weekend to celebrate my Niece, Aaliyah 2nd Birthday, i watched her grow before my eyes, it was great. I love her more and more everyday, yesterday she called me saying "im watching Obama," my heart melted. She is the greatest KID ever. Wheter she's yelling at me to play Dora on my "Puter," dancing to Beyonce's single ladies, or rambling a sentence, and ending it with "kay?" as if your supposed to know whats shes asking. Greatness, she's 2 going on 20 lol. Everyone who has met her, falls in love. Sometimes i call her the devil, or dydynator, cuz she SOOO bad..but all in all she ALWAYS manages to put a Smile on my face.

Happy Early Birthday Princess, Aunty LOVES you. This always This FOREVER.

One of my fav lightskins is turing the BIG 2.OH lol [thats 20 for the slow readers lmao] and im going home NEXT weekend, to celebrate with her. We have a plan sorta kinda, lol but it could always do some twerking. I watched her grow tooo lol, into the Beautiful, Smart, Level-headed young lady she is today. I lovvvveee her. So on FEB 2nd, if anyone spots her, wish her a HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAY.

The Obamas

The Obamas...that is..Michelle and Barack Obama..what a beautiful sight they are, no? You can see the love in their eyes whenever their eyes meet, whenever Michelle sets her eyes on that handsome man known as her husband as he addresses his country, whenever he casts his eyes on her during interviews..they are in love! You would have to live under a rock to be oblivious to this fact. As cliche as it sounds. Today a historic event took place..the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States of America..oh and he just happens to be black! Yep I SAIIDD IT!

This however is not the point of my post. Today and for a long many years before, black women have pondered the idea of it attainable, where do I find it, is it for me?! We are constantly the victims of sexual assault, rape and the lack of information...we are often ignorant to many situations..we are emotionally vulnerable. This is not to discourage or exploit the experiences of black women, it is only to educate and provide support. This notwithstanding, with all this against us, it is often difficult to pursue healthy relationships. I have provided the example of Michelle Obama and her husband Barack as hope that it is possible and can be achieved by us all if we so want it.

Love is not for everyone...a monogamous relationship is not desirable nor possible for every human being, and that's alright. What's not alright is acting like it's for you when you a) Know that it's not or b)Are just not ready for all that committment. The first thing to a successful anything be that career, relationship, etc, is being honest with yourself. If you can not do this, you can neither expect it from someone else nor expect longevity. A lie only begets another lie..and lying with yourself will only endure for so long. You need to get to a place where you love yourself first and foremost and then only after will you be able to love someone else. Don't go out dating, thinking that every dude you meet is going to lead to "the one". Where in life does it say that you need to marry and settle down right away? When did this become some type of race? When you rush something, you make mistakes. Take your time..there's nothing wrong with taking things slow. Love is not an emotion you're going to feel on's something you build up to and then later build upon.

Another thing ladies, take outside of your "type". Keep an open mind and be free to experience new things. Don't be freaked out by the fine gentleman you met at Starbucks that wants to take you rock climbing on the first what it's not your usual dinner and a movie, you never know, it could lead to something special. When you only date a "type" you cut out all the possibilities to love that could be awaiting you. It's good to know what you want, but if what you want has not worked for you thus far, then it's time to try a new strategy. All I'm saying ladies, is- keep your options open! Don't go looking for love, it will find you..when the circumstances permit and when the time is right...and for others it just randomly gets bestowed upon you. Love is an amazing feeling to feel, when its right and when you have someone who loves you back. It's out there if you want it...just free up your self.

Hello There...Yes You There lol

How are you doing world!? So, I've been urging to blog and assist the ladies of the b-train for some time now. My schedule has finally managed to simmer (die down) for a bit and some spaces have opened up, yay me! So with this allotted free time, which is usually some where around 10:30 to 1am, I will be putting some energy into entertaining you, yes YOU lol.

But OMG, where did my manners go? I done lost my let's get properly acquainted shall we. I go by Miss. Jones, yes I know, pretty common eh, but how can you forget it. I'm studying communications at a fine establishment in Canada's capital...for my non-Canadian readers, no Canada is not covered with snow and we do not live in igloos. As I was I'm studying communications and soon enough I will be embarking upon a career in public relations. In my spare time I enjoy blogging (as is the case right now), looking at the gossip sites, shopping granted the funds are up lol, doing yoga, and having some alone time for self-evaluation..amongst other things.

From time to time I will probably be dropping the realness from my life experiences, or day to day events/activities..but my main contribution to this blog will be segments of love and relationships..and random others lol. I have been rambling on and on for some time now, and really, ya'll must be losing focus. So, on that note, kick off your shoes and relax your feet lol...this is one ride that you're bound to enjoy!

Kisses Sugars...muah* muah*

Buh Bye My Lil'Dumplings.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who are you? really...

I honestly don't even feel like blogging about some stupid shit today, seeing how it is a very historical day...BUT
this needs to be addressed...
who are you? seriously it really upsets me to see that no one has there own identity these days...
I have always known that when somethings hot, people follow it, okay that's fine... but just copying what everyone else is doing just because it seems cool...AIN'T!
the recipe to make people these days are so cliche and non amusing...
the recipe is as follows

The recipe for a Loser who just follows shit


1 loser who knows absolutely nothing
1 facebook page to get you on the map
3 lil wayne songs ( get money, hustler music, leather so soft)
1-2 pairs of nike sb's or dunks
1 picture with one foot in the air, and fingers pointing to your "kicks"
a picture of you being "caught in the moment" (when in actuality you did it purposely)
a caption of what seems to be to you " a gangster or sick lyric"
SHIT you don;t know or would never know unless people where doing it first
oh yeah... And a BLOG
just because everyone else is doing it

Find a loser, mix all this stuff together and let sit for about 6-8 months
something else "cool" comes along

(not to our readers, don't worry we love you)
I had to take a moment to address this.. sad i know, but some people just don't do shit on there own....

Stop blogging other peoples shit, and taking ideas and then trying to make it yours

no one likes to be imitated, if your gonna do that shit at least copyright, DAMN!

You know who you are, FIND A HOBBY (preferably one that interest you, and NOT what seems cool)

Oh yeah...
we made history today y'all

I'm out...

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Notorious number 5 at the box office

(8) na na na na NOTORIOUS!

So if you live under a complete box and don't know that recently the biopic movie about the infamous rapper Notorious B.I.G came out this friday, and i'm proud to say that the movie grossed over 20 million and debuted at number 5 in the box office.

congrats!, DIDDY I SEE YOU!

I took in the movie myself, and i can say that it was pretty good, some of the acting done by naturi who plays lil kim was OFF most of the time, but specifically in one scene she killed it (she did her thing, and since were on the topic... Lil kim, the real one that is, shouldn't have any beef with how she was portrayed in the movie... the way we know her, shit could of been alot worse) those who seen the movie know exactly what scene i'm referring to. All in all the movie did a good job depicting the life of the famous rapper, and i was very surprised. (oh yeah Derek luke as diddy...LOL HE KILLED IT! got the dance and shit down packed) i was a bit emotional when the Tupac part came around... shit... i really like Pac' and i'm a fan so when they showed real footage of the death and all that, i was pretty emotional... lol noooo i didn't cry, but i'm guaranteed that when the official tupac movie comes out in 2010, i will cry in theaters, no joke, no lie lol.
 But all in all the movie was a success and all roles played by every actor was done very well
ESPECIALLY the main dude who played Biggie, shitt lol you don't even have to have money, once your swagger is on point and you have confidence in yourself, you can get ANYTHING you want... just like the late great himself

"it don't make sense goin to heaven in the goodie goodies, dressed in white, i like black timbs and black hoodies" -B.I.G; suicidal thoughts

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Happy MLK day

Happy MLK day, this day is dedicated to the man who paved history for us all,
January 15th would be the 80th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
without this man, there would be no such things as OBAMA!,(who will be our official president tomorrow) Dr. King paved the way for all this to be possible, and i'm pretty sure he is smiling down at all of us now.

If you don't know (and that would be a damn shame...) do your research


It's Snowing In Aspen...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

today is ASS

im in the WORST mood, EVER.
the weather sucks, i live in the MIDDLE of no where.
anddddddddddddddddd i STILL havent seen Notorious.


i think im going to listen to some gangster rap or watch shottas, that might make me feel better.


Friday, January 16, 2009

sir, im an artist.

sooo yungberg,continues to be an idiot.
[first with claming he doesnt like "darkbutts"] referring to dark skin women.
nowww this.

claps for mr. YungBerg PLEASE. [raiiney rolls her eyes]


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh my heart...My eyes are deceiving me i know...

Nas and Kelis Expecting?

So it has been confirmed that Ms.Nasir is expecting, and is in her first trimester, with a little bump showing and all.

"she's carrying hip hop royalty" says one source...

to that comment made above... i think were forgetting that NAS has a child already, which she is considered royalty as well..

remember her? Destiny, from his drama filled previous relationship with Carmen? ( she also pulled a Karrine "SUPERHEAD" Steffans, and wrote a tell-all book, about her life with the notorious and talented rapper NASIR JONES)


you guys who know me know that NAS is an all time FAVE, i absolutely , la la la LOVE him, alongside JAY-Z, ANDRE 3000, FONZWORTH BENTLEE....too many to name...


i'm sooo lame

for a second when i first seen the news my heart fell... LOL




*sigh... yes it's true...

It's Snowing In Aspen...

I.Am.Music [i am up to early]

Tonight I'm going to the I Am Music Concert,and for those who don't know me, its like THE concert I have been waiting for, you can call me a BIG [Lil Wayne]fan,and I have been one, since his dreads were mere cornrows lol. I remember crying when I found out he had a daughter.LMAO *lame alert*

Anyway,I'm at the bus station standing in line, waiting to board the bus alllll the way back to toronto, 2 weeks into the second semester.[the things I do]Surprisingly, I'm not as excited as I would be, I'm actually getting use to being in the capital, and now travelling is simply a hassle.

I woke up at 8am,that's REALLY alll to early. Just so I could get there with enough time to beautify, and chill before going to the concert, that SHOULD hold me, until the next Beyonce or Jayz tour lol.Mind you,I have NOTHING to wear. :)

Ps.these group of girls behind me on the bus, are going too. They seem more excited than me! IMPOSSIBLE lol.they packed light, I can't say the same about myself.

I'm gonna put my touch on shuffle, and sleep the WHOLE way.

Raiineyyy; signing off to BOBmarley's Jammin. :)

JayBRITT; inspired post.

While you were gone to the store, i read the post that you were hiding from me. You were furiously typing away, and god knows how i was itching to "foss" and see what concoction you were cooking up for our Slendiforous blog.

Anyway, its late and i have to wake up early[god help me]. I just wanted to let you know i read your post. YES! all of it you little stinker, because i know your probably going to read this, and be like, " i know her stinkross, didn't read the whole thing." BUT i did.

I don't think i have ever said this, but you inspire me. [yes i said it;FIRSTandLAST time]. If there is anyone in the world that knew and witnessed how hard it was for me to actually BE happy in Ottawa long enough to actually remember, it was you. THANK you. I admit[secretly] that i have doubts about what i want to become, I know im going to make it but thats the only thing that sticks. Thank you for helping me, giving me ideas,and telling me where YOU see me.[you too relltish]

Your going to be a great Diplomat, driving around with your red plate. Im going to be like "THATS one of my BESTfriends, go girllll!" said in my ATL accent lol. Anyway i promised to keep it sort.

Ultimately, i LOVE my friends, and i wouldnt change them for the world. Even though we all have our faults, and we all get STINK for a moment and for a day or two become, "Stinkisha's." They inspire me to Do better, & to BE better.


something for the boys

Taka Hayashi x Vans 2009 Fall/Winter Preview.

Detour; hypebeast

jay britt

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do what YOU want to do!

After just finishing a conversation with one of my close friends back in Toronto I continued into the topic with some research of my own. (thx google!!) With a couple a clicks and there it was...
Now for those who know me and those who don't I go to Carlton University in the capital city of Canada ( Ottawa) and am enrolled in Public Affairs. My major is Law, Policy and Government and my minor is Political Science! ( so now that the background information is out) Basically I want to be a Diplomat and word for the United Nations.

My theory is that if i can't be a socialite like Kim Kardash or Paris Hilton and get pay 200,000 dollars for making 5 - 10 minute appearances, I can use my intelligence that the lord has blessed me with, read my books and utilize the qualifications that I will soon have to put on my resumes after I graduate and get my name in the History books! (Obama style) But in all seriousness now, I have spoken to multiple individuals in my age group who don't know what they want to do in regards to their career and are stressing, and that's okay. (let me repeat that) IT'S OKAY! but when i talk to these people i see them as an inspiration for myself and my educational and career journey because I know what I want to do with my life, my career, and all I have to do is do it! I was once in the same boat, i must of change my career game plan about 15 - 20 planes, and it wasn't until 2nd semester grade 12 that i realized what i wanted to do.

I wanted to be a Cardiologist and after taking a summer mentor ship program at the university of Toronto, and volunteering at Mount Sinai hospital even though i was fascinated with the heart, do i really want to spend almost 15 more years of school and not be paid for all the work i put in? Am i really changing the world when someone dies on the stretcher because their heart just continues to fail them? Trust me, it takes a lot out of you to tell someone they are going to die and that just isn't me, i hate disappointing people.

So my career path is looking towards the UN. Being apart of a team of individuals with the same vision I share of bringing peace throughout the world. Being apart of globalization and the economy and national defence, the whole works and how law and political policies come together to make the world a better place. ( I sound a lot like my professors) but fuck.. I 'm excited about school, learning about global political economy excites me. and I want to tell everyone about it because its very interesting, real talks, I even bring rainey about my classes, and tell her how I feel about certain political issues ( even though she looks at me like .." shut the fuck up jay") our conversations have improved because she teaches me about sociology and psychology and we come together and talk about how the world is fucked up from the different aspects of our ahhh man..

But yes, the photo above is an image of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations which is a seminar that I am going to attend for about 3 - 4 days in the summer which I am looking forward to. I'll be able to meet individuals probably like myself from around the world who I can learn so much from based on their life experiences, what they read about in the media and in books and what they learn at school. So yes, I am very excited about it my fellow b train riders (lol) so I thought I should share it with all of ya'll. If you do take the time to read this, sorry it was so long ( and don't say i snapped rainey) And with that I will say to my fellow age groupers... take your time, read, find out what you want to do for the rest of your life, there is a career out there for all of us to take part in, get involved, find out what interests you, don't just settle down for a job, enroll yourself in a career path, something that will make you happy at the end of the day and Fuckk what everyone or anyone for that matter has to say about it, if it makes you money and you enjoy it, then go out and do it, no matter how long it takes or how much work and effort it requires. with that i leave you with a phrase...

Carpe Diem

jay britt


Hosted by livestock, these hit making twins have decided to hit the road! Surprise Surprise they are coming to Ottawa (yeah!) So now i don't exactly feel left out =) So I plan to buy my ticket tomorrow and enjoy the show saturday! ( especially since rainey is leaving me to go to lil'wayne..) but yes i will make sure to tell you all about it! Till then...


My playlist does NOT only consist of HIP.HOP!

Feist - My Moon My Man


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I really can't stop laughing..


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Letter to B.I.G

Song is Bananas!
"in your memory i keep coogi in my closet!"

This is Jadakiss song to the late great B.I.G
check out the movie, this friday january 16th

It's Snowing in Aspen...

President Elect

Canada gets Obamas 1st foreign visit as president after he take office on January 20th, 2009. The president has accepted Prime Minister Stephen Harpers invitation. Though dates and where abouts have not been discussed, he is coming. I sure will be there, and will make it my goal to meet him, shake his hand and exchange shoooottt.. if im lucky i can squeeze into a picture... hey if this is the only way I can be apart of history, so be it!!! I'll havea story to tell my kids and grand children... Obama to the WORLDDD...


Yeezy does it AGAIN!

So i'm sure you have all heard about Kanye teaming up with Louis V, and here it is... For those who know a bit about fashion, they look like they Sperrys but more fashionable of course.. its Kanye.... a fresh pair of all white shoes to wear out this summer..Mr. West you genius you... do they come in womens or kids sizes..get myself a pair!



im in LOVE;in a million i might be the ONE.

Thanks to my bigbrother MARK; for putting me on.

Havent stopped listening SINCE;

[notice]since youtube, now decided they will no longer embed certain video's i was forced to search the world wide web, for the link to his song, that actually works. [call me computer stupid]-->hope that works.

hey you;just cuz.

Soo i might be a tad late, but im a busy girl lol. Just kidding, anyway i been hearing alot about this dude, and actually took some time to listen to a few tracks,he's cute.

[hopefully that works]


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gold and A Pager; lol

Nahhhh, just Pizza and Stupid People.


Friday, January 9, 2009


Need i say more?

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Lil Wayne the rocker?


If you know me, then you must be very scared that i'm writing this post...
don't worry... 
So Lil wayne is going to be a rockstar?
something different, and hey i'm not hating, anything new brought to the table always catches my attention
The whole album will be rock, dude has Rock artist actually producing his shit also
i guess he finally found his niche

but please do me one favor lil wayne...
the piercings? honestly, is it necessary?

( i had to guys)

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Greenish days?

So even though this definitely isn't a green year
in regards to the recession and all, fashion still must make a statement
the color for this year is....GREEN
many designers have taken up on a hunter green in there collections



It's Snowing in Aspen...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So crazy, i had to share...

This shit is so SICK!
i was on coolhunter, and i passed this..
shit's bananas!
the architech name is Pedro Gadanho
i'm still amazed...

It's Snowing in Aspen...

Cory Gunz&Mickey Factz

I was watching this the other night at a friends house, found the link. HAD to share.



i want a pair of doc martens,and im gonna get a pair. maybe not in pink tho. lol


SPOTLIGHT: Nathan Noel

.+*/-.The Prolonged Equation.+*/-.
by Nathan Blingz Noel

You were my thesis & concluding paragraph
you helped me bleed along the white lines
you were my inspiration to the pain I feel
you were my last confession...

My tears continued to distort my vision
so your flaws were never fluorescent
but as your tears remove your make-up
I can now see all the colours of the rainbow

These prolonged goodbyes have me tired
gasping for air, hoping one day she'll finally wave
but as reality strikes twelve o clock
I know she'll continue to linger on "bye"...

Some people have real problems
some have solutions, some are 3.14
but as this equation slowly concludes
I am proud to say, I figured you out on my own...

Me+You-The Happines / Pain = Goodbye..

Good Job Nathan, Well Written. I Love It.
Find Him On Facebook--Nathan Blingz Noel


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keshia chante to play Aaliyah?

Apparently there is a movie in the works, about Aaliyah's life
Excited aren't you?
When i heard the news i was wondering who would play the beautiful late singer...
Canadian singer Keshia Chante?
that was news
this put's canada on the map in a major way!
Keshia Chante a Canadian is getting the privilege to play Aaliyah?
Personally i do not think she looks like Aaliyah one bit, but im interested in seeing what she does with this
congrats to ms.Chante
that is a HUGE achievement
....there's going to be alot of haters...
not everyone is a fan,
none the less congrats!

It's Snowing in Aspen...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Likkle Grown Up.


This is the NEW Bow Wow, and JD video. and i actually KINDA like it. IM a HUGE bow wow fan, but i can admit, HES not the GREATEST rapper at times.

I like this song, because if you actually listen Mr.BIGego himself(Bow Wow) is admitting to his little STINK attitude, and giving the respect where its due, that a BIG step. GOODJOB.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The case of...The talented mr ripley

So i was snopping around on myspace, and i happened to fall unto this dudes blog
Mind you... i know this guy, so what i seen was a bit awkward..

So i happen to read other blogs from various people, mostly the industry
and i remember a couple days before the new year, reading this specific blog
and happened to really like what his new years resolution about women and sex was
i really ACTUALLY read the WHOLE thing, ( and it was very long... i'm talking 2 chapters length long)
and like i said, it was good and made me realize that they are still good men out there
as i was surfing on this dudes page, in whom I KNOW!
i realized as i was reading his page, and taking interest... strangely enough...
i cam across the SAME EXACT resolution about women...
the exact words, the exact punctuation.. dude even slipped up and forgot to change the name to his instead of the guy he copied the shit from...

i was shocked, because as i continued looking on his page, this guy has pictures of people in the industry, that he is claiming to know.... and you know what sucks? i know these people he's "portraying" and trust me, they don't know him like that!

so this made me wonder.... why can't people be themselves?
what joy does one take pretending to be someone else? or trying to act out someone's character?
how can someone see you for you, and you don't even know who you are
pretending to be someone who your not only makes you as an impostor
and not only a liar to everyone else, but the one person you should be true with....YOURSELF

my mother always told me "LIYAH ( yes she did put the "y" in it lol) neva prospa"
translation to english- " A liar never prospers"

i'm so disappointed when i see things like this...makes me think
To this impostor (who shall remain nameless)

Be a leader, not a follower
and be true to yourself first!
you can't be better then anybody, you have to be better then yourslef

It's Snowing In Aspen...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Less is MORE

Sometimes I SMH(Shake My Head) at Solange, she just does to much. I mean have Beyonce for a sister should help her at times, but it doesnt. She's been lookingg good these days. Less Is More

YES she keeps it in the family, rocking those dereon jeans, compared to some other stuff the jeans, are cute.

she cleans up well.

LOVING the Chanel Shoes, the look better on the foot, than they do on the website lol

LOVE the city.

THATS WHITNEY PORT, from The Hills. Now she has her OWN show, which is TOTALLY fab. Im a tad late, but i watched both episodes today, and they are great. Im not sure which one im going to like better, but i did get bored of The Hills for a little bit. Anyway this one takes place in the city that never sleeps, New York. I la la lovveee it.

Take A Peek



Hellloo Everyone.
This is MY first official post since the New Year, i have a few things to post soo pleaseee BARE with me.

I've had quite a few conversations with some friends about the new year. Of course i was asked, "hey sheraine, whats YOUR new years resolution?" and my reply was simple, nothing. I'm not sure i believe in them anymore. PEOPLE always break them, i was talking to my friend today, and ALREADY 4 days into the new year, his resolution was out the window LOL.
I just want to accomplish some of the goals i set out for myself, make MADE money[like large amounts] lol. I always put people before myself, not this year. I've been thinking of some master plans, and hopefully i can put them into play.


I might sound bitter or whatever the word is that you would use to describe this lol. BUT 2009 cannot be EVERYONE'S. I'm kind of sick of seeing 2000&MINE, 2000&GRIND, because it's often the same people, that rightfully CLAIMED 2008,7,&6 as their year. every DAY should be yours, everyday you should be grinding; that's just how i see it.

here are a few pictures of how the Btrain Ladies rang in the NEW YEAR, @ stinkmout Inside