Wednesday, January 21, 2009

20 & 2

Two of my FAV people in the whole WIDE world have birthdays coming up, and im TRES (very) excited i cant wait.

Im going home this weekend to celebrate my Niece, Aaliyah 2nd Birthday, i watched her grow before my eyes, it was great. I love her more and more everyday, yesterday she called me saying "im watching Obama," my heart melted. She is the greatest KID ever. Wheter she's yelling at me to play Dora on my "Puter," dancing to Beyonce's single ladies, or rambling a sentence, and ending it with "kay?" as if your supposed to know whats shes asking. Greatness, she's 2 going on 20 lol. Everyone who has met her, falls in love. Sometimes i call her the devil, or dydynator, cuz she SOOO bad..but all in all she ALWAYS manages to put a Smile on my face.

Happy Early Birthday Princess, Aunty LOVES you. This always This FOREVER.

One of my fav lightskins is turing the BIG 2.OH lol [thats 20 for the slow readers lmao] and im going home NEXT weekend, to celebrate with her. We have a plan sorta kinda, lol but it could always do some twerking. I watched her grow tooo lol, into the Beautiful, Smart, Level-headed young lady she is today. I lovvvveee her. So on FEB 2nd, if anyone spots her, wish her a HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAY.

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