Monday, January 19, 2009

Notorious number 5 at the box office

(8) na na na na NOTORIOUS!

So if you live under a complete box and don't know that recently the biopic movie about the infamous rapper Notorious B.I.G came out this friday, and i'm proud to say that the movie grossed over 20 million and debuted at number 5 in the box office.

congrats!, DIDDY I SEE YOU!

I took in the movie myself, and i can say that it was pretty good, some of the acting done by naturi who plays lil kim was OFF most of the time, but specifically in one scene she killed it (she did her thing, and since were on the topic... Lil kim, the real one that is, shouldn't have any beef with how she was portrayed in the movie... the way we know her, shit could of been alot worse) those who seen the movie know exactly what scene i'm referring to. All in all the movie did a good job depicting the life of the famous rapper, and i was very surprised. (oh yeah Derek luke as diddy...LOL HE KILLED IT! got the dance and shit down packed) i was a bit emotional when the Tupac part came around... shit... i really like Pac' and i'm a fan so when they showed real footage of the death and all that, i was pretty emotional... lol noooo i didn't cry, but i'm guaranteed that when the official tupac movie comes out in 2010, i will cry in theaters, no joke, no lie lol.
 But all in all the movie was a success and all roles played by every actor was done very well
ESPECIALLY the main dude who played Biggie, shitt lol you don't even have to have money, once your swagger is on point and you have confidence in yourself, you can get ANYTHING you want... just like the late great himself

"it don't make sense goin to heaven in the goodie goodies, dressed in white, i like black timbs and black hoodies" -B.I.G; suicidal thoughts

It's Snowing In Aspen...

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