Thursday, January 15, 2009

JayBRITT; inspired post.

While you were gone to the store, i read the post that you were hiding from me. You were furiously typing away, and god knows how i was itching to "foss" and see what concoction you were cooking up for our Slendiforous blog.

Anyway, its late and i have to wake up early[god help me]. I just wanted to let you know i read your post. YES! all of it you little stinker, because i know your probably going to read this, and be like, " i know her stinkross, didn't read the whole thing." BUT i did.

I don't think i have ever said this, but you inspire me. [yes i said it;FIRSTandLAST time]. If there is anyone in the world that knew and witnessed how hard it was for me to actually BE happy in Ottawa long enough to actually remember, it was you. THANK you. I admit[secretly] that i have doubts about what i want to become, I know im going to make it but thats the only thing that sticks. Thank you for helping me, giving me ideas,and telling me where YOU see me.[you too relltish]

Your going to be a great Diplomat, driving around with your red plate. Im going to be like "THATS one of my BESTfriends, go girllll!" said in my ATL accent lol. Anyway i promised to keep it sort.

Ultimately, i LOVE my friends, and i wouldnt change them for the world. Even though we all have our faults, and we all get STINK for a moment and for a day or two become, "Stinkisha's." They inspire me to Do better, & to BE better.


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