Friday, August 28, 2009

what a day; what a day!!

SOOO today i went Downtown...of COURSE i left with bags...AHYWHOOT.
I'm in the subway going up the escalator MINDING my own business when the 2 dudes come stand up behind them proceeds to RUB his leg against mine. I turn and give him the RUDESTTT look everrr.. and MOVE up 2 steps.

THEN he does the unthinkable...and starts COPPING a feel off my butt!!!...AHHHHHHH i was irate. started cussing him of course...he then says "so what you don't like Spanish boys?" NO i just don't like filthy strangers caressing my goodies DAMNIT!!



Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Listen & Listen GOOD



My Future Husband Mr. Tremaine Neverson aka TREY SONGZ
READY is going to be a PROBLEM

Music makes me HAPPYY :D


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i wanna go to: JAMAICA

"raiiney was born a winner"

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Darn Those DOCS

Pictures Via LOOKBOOK

JayBritt,Kadeem & Myself were chilling&shopping Downtown last week, we stopped in Get Outside& Neon to peep some DOC's which i should have purchased from Artizia like LAST year..anywhoot...we decided (Jay and I ) we would stop being so indecisive and buy em. :D

"Raiiney Spots Fly Shit,She Should Win An ESPY"

once again; houston we have a PROBLEM

Not only do i have a Shopping Problem...i have an ONLINE shopping problem.
Since i got a GREAT paying job and a credit life hasn't been the same.

Its just SO convenient..and CHEAP, the online sales are crazy..not to mention the shitload of exclusives that will NEVER make it into the stores. *sigh*


NEXT STOP...Ralph Lauren(Pray For Me)

Raiiney stays "throwing it in the bag"

Scratching Me UP*

This Song Stays On Repeat.
The WHOLE Anticipation Mixtape is CRACK!!

make sure you take a listen.

Club BaNGer!!

I wish I could be in this video with that shiney stuff on my body like the stuff that was on the girls body in the pictures of the movie belly with nas and dmx.. ah mann..oh yea,GO DRAKE!sooo yea, you guys probably seen this video how many times, BUT THIS BLOG ISN'T ABOUT YOU, OR WHETHER OR NOT YOU SAW IT (lol) nah just joking. enjoy it anywho. goodnight!


Friday, August 21, 2009


CHECK OUT;some of my niggas over at...


tell em' Raiiney Sent Ya lol

19+ Event
Venue: Chic Chinoise Lounge (214 King St. W.)
Time: 10:00 P.M. – 3:00 A.M.
Date: Saturday August 29th, 2009
DJs: Lissa Monet, special guest
Photographers: Photo Will & AFM Peetah (Robert Okine)
Ticket Info: Advanced tickets are available for $15
Dress Code: Casual Sophisticated (no hoodies, no fitteds and no dirty shoes)

Joseph Harbans – p. 647-654-4136 – BB Pin 30B983F8 – email:
Aleks Mladenovic – p. 416-676-3130 – BB Pin 30B982CD – email:
Ben Halm – p. 416-371-5435 – BB Pin 207310A4 – email:
Trumaine Henriques – p. 647-278-6784 – BB Pin 20E4A5EA – email:


the Btrain <3's M.E

FINALLY ordered my Melody Ehshani Chains...LOVE EM


Free To Fly, Pretty Wings

Brandon Hines: He made me fall in love with this song!