Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kid Cudi! hit me on the bbm!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

urgh; it came to this

This is my last post for the night, i know we haven't been keeping up with the posts...really i don't have an excuse except for that i been catching up on some serious sleep. don't hate me :D lol

Anyway today i had to restore my ipod, its actually syncing right now, i didn't realize how many songs i have on it..and there is still space left. Anyway lately i have been thinking about some stuff that's happened in my life, and this ipod situation made me automatically think about starting over..well maybe not over...but starting fresh.

Basically everything happens for a ipod was due for clean up anyway..and the events that happen in my life, were also meant to happen. I can no longer dwell on the past, and give those people too much credit for the significant (or lack thereof) role they play, or played in my life. The way i see it is, if you wanted or want to be in my life...then you would be.

I was on facebook the other day, and my friend had a comment that kinda went like this. "Friendship or Love" -- i dont think you can have a friendship without love..its just that simple..i love my friends flaws and all..but im not IN love with them. lol i have never been IN love..i dont know if i believe in love anymore besides the love i have for my friends and my family. Lately i have been seeing and hearing alot about this "Love" thingg..and quite frankly......... lol quite franklyy. LOL

kisses; raiiney.

i have a serious problem;

they always said the first step is admitting you have a problem, i guess i guess this is my cry for some help because i do indeed has a serious problem.

i shop even when i dont have money, i would rather buy a pair of shoes than a text book that is NEEDED at school (not that i have done that), but you get my drift. Not only do i live in the mall, i have now turned to online shopping...damn you credit card, damn you.I have yet to purchase anything, but i sure have a big list of things i will eventually add to my collection.

so with that being said. someone PLEASE help me .

im holding out on watching the Confessions of a Shopaholic movie, because im afraid of what i might see. from reading the book, i know homegirl has bills up the wazoo, some she doesnt even know exsist...that CANNOT be me, EVER....EVER lol. im in school for a reason..i KNOW im going to be successful and well off.. so there is NO need to worry......YET, is there?



Signed Sincerely

Im really liking her.
this is a is a banger...check out the lyrics
you'll get it.

"everything im not, makes me everything i am"


One French Vanilla Hot Shot Smoothie Please!

Waking up at 6:45 for school, this was exactly what I was looking forward to. Especially because it was going to be free with my roll up the rim to win prize! Don't get it twisted, i despise coffee which was the prize, but i instantly got what i wanted and proceeded to the library to study for my economics exam... Why am i writing about this? No particular reason, just that I am addicted and this hot beverage does me justice, gives me that extra umph! lol that I need t start out my day.. No i don't work at tim hortons and im not advertising, just though i should share the beauty of this drink. It costs $1.86 and you can either get a Butter Caramel Hot shot Smoothie, or a French Vanilla one. mmmm, and don't forget to double cup it, cuz its hot!! =)

Ps. Thx Rello for getting me addicted!

Via ; Tim Hortons


i can have it all

new bow wow; i think he is growing up nicely....its about time you have a song like this out.
kudo's to mr. moss.
im still trying to figure out whether i like it or not.

kisses; raiiney

Friday, February 13, 2009

So Far Gone

Not much to say really, i cannot wait to hear it...i know its gonna be BANANAS.
Drake goes HARD;

CHECK IT OUT AT : Octobers Very Own

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happpy Happpy, JOY JOY

Surfing the net as usual, i stumbled up this WICKED designer; shoes and accesories. Im ordering my custom ring, and necklace as sooo as i get back to Toronto. Im super excited.






Monday, February 9, 2009

09' Grammys...

This confirmed my love for hip hop...
shout outs to m.i.a, this girl performed and she was due the same day! 

All though the song is old, the performance still rocked my socks! LOL

oh yeah i'm not mad anymore :-) LOL
( catch the ending of the video, isn't that mr ryan sheckler? lol)

It's Snowing In Aspen...

I'm still laughing

my first blog in a long time and all i have to say is..

it's funny, hilarious actually
YOUR all fake
and it proves more and more everyday

i'm still laughing
and my back is officially turned

I will be back later on....

It's Snowing in Aspen...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cute Shades for the Sun!

via; Highsnobiety


MUST see MUST read

--With sheer audacity and utter authenticity, director Lee Daniels tackles Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire and creates an unforgettable film that sets a new standard for cinema of its kind. Precious Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) is a high-school girl with nothing working in her favor. She is pregnant with her father’s child—for the second time. She can’t read or write, and her schoolmates tease her for being fat. Her home life is a horror, ruled by a mother (Mo’Nique) who keeps her imprisoned both emotionally and physically. Precious’s instincts tell her one thing: if she’s ever going to break from the chains of ignorance, she will have to dig deeply into her own resources.Don’t be misled—Push is not a film wallowing in the stillness of depression; instead, it vibrates with the kind of energy derived only from anger and hope. The entire cast are amazing; they carry out a firestorm of raw emotion. Daniels has drawn from them inimitable performances that will rivet you to your seat and leave you too shocked to breathe. If you passed Precious on the street, you probably wouldn’t notice her. But when her story is revealed, as Daniels does in this courageous film, you are left with an indelible image of a young woman who—with creativity, humor, and ferocity—finds the strength to turn her life around.

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i have an addiction; please help.

i am the BIGGEST bag person.
i LOVE bags.
especially BIG ones.
there is one for every occasion, every outfit..everything.

I own 1 really expensive bag; birthdays are great
but besides that i have a whole heap from different stores, or from family members.

(1) Red Chanel [im on a hunt]
(2) Hermes Birkin Bag [Currrently saving for this one]

(1) Fendi Twin Tote
(2) Louis V Army Bag [she makes it look good]


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vivien Theodore Thomas (August 29, 1910 – November 26, 1985) he was an African- American Cardiologist. I first learned about him in the summer of 2006 when i participated in a Summer Mentorship Program at the University of Toronto when I thought i wanted to be a "cardiologist". He was the man who found the appropriate stitching concept for sewing the ventricles located in the hear. If you know anything about science and biology, the heart has 2 valves, one for oxygenated blood and the other for deoxygenated blood. ( sorry its my fascination of the human heart that i have.) but yes, Mr. Thomas found the correct procedure for curing the "blue baby". These were babies that were born that were not getting enough oxygen in to their blood to circulate through their bodies thus causing them to turn blue because of the blue blood that had not received oxygen. Nonetheless, Dr. Vivian Thomas at first was not recognized for his work, why? His physical appearance gives a simple answer. He was later given recognition after having to perform the surgery for his head cardiologist. We remember him through black history month as a successful African- American man that made a name for his self in a time of doubt, which was African - American could not compare at the time to the capabilities of the white male. Sorry for those who decided to read this, I just remembered to post someone today and its past my bed time. So I hope you read more about Dr. Vivian Thomas, there was actually a movie made inspired of his life and what he did with it. It is called "Something the Lord Made"; starring Mos Def ( Vivian Thomas) , Alan Rickman and Gabrielle Union.



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lift Every Voice

In light of Black History Month....

Leah Labelle; some might have seen her on American Idol...and now she's singing backup for miss Keri Hilson...GO GIRL


1st ; Chuck Berry

Now that it is Black History month, African- Americans are celebrating it in their own separate ways. To show our appreciation to historical African - Americans who made an impact for Black History we will post every day, a very inspirational individual and a mini biography on who they are what they did, and what they continue to aspire to do. You may not know this individual but first up is Chuck Berry.

Born in St Louis Missouri Berry was the fourth child in a family of six. Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry was born October 18, 1926. He is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Chuck Berry is an influential figure and one of the pioneers of rock and roll. He is its greatest songwriter, the main shaper of its instrumental voice, one of its greatest guitarists, and one of its greatest performers.

Berry's initial success was tempered by the hard reality of showbusiness. The copyright for "Maybellene" contained the names of Alan Freed and Russ Fratto as well as Berry's; while Freed's name on the song ensured airplay, it also reduced Berry's royalty payments. Additionally, Berry discovered that his first road manager, Teddy Reig, was pocketing money from his live appearances. Learning from these initial pitfalls, Berry realized that self-sufficiency and independence were keys to long term survival in the business, and from this point on, he became determined to take charge of his own affairs, sowing the seeds for the later allegations of his being difficult to work with.



Monday, February 2, 2009

OH, Gucci.

oh gucci.


my DUTY;

I always have theses great ideas, but i never really put them in to either to scared, or i don't have the right resources. Nowadays i realize that its not always what you know, but WHO you know. SO with that being said, I'm going to make it my duty to get involved and meet people this summer.
I'm kind of tired of sitting around saying to myself "oh, i could have done that" or "i sooo thought of that." So I'm actually going to do something about it, or at least try to. We'll see how that goes, gotta have faith.

Anyway i was just surfing the net, and got inspired....with that being said I'm going to go end some out some emails. LOL

Gooodnight Folks;