Monday, January 5, 2009

The case of...The talented mr ripley

So i was snopping around on myspace, and i happened to fall unto this dudes blog
Mind you... i know this guy, so what i seen was a bit awkward..

So i happen to read other blogs from various people, mostly the industry
and i remember a couple days before the new year, reading this specific blog
and happened to really like what his new years resolution about women and sex was
i really ACTUALLY read the WHOLE thing, ( and it was very long... i'm talking 2 chapters length long)
and like i said, it was good and made me realize that they are still good men out there
as i was surfing on this dudes page, in whom I KNOW!
i realized as i was reading his page, and taking interest... strangely enough...
i cam across the SAME EXACT resolution about women...
the exact words, the exact punctuation.. dude even slipped up and forgot to change the name to his instead of the guy he copied the shit from...

i was shocked, because as i continued looking on his page, this guy has pictures of people in the industry, that he is claiming to know.... and you know what sucks? i know these people he's "portraying" and trust me, they don't know him like that!

so this made me wonder.... why can't people be themselves?
what joy does one take pretending to be someone else? or trying to act out someone's character?
how can someone see you for you, and you don't even know who you are
pretending to be someone who your not only makes you as an impostor
and not only a liar to everyone else, but the one person you should be true with....YOURSELF

my mother always told me "LIYAH ( yes she did put the "y" in it lol) neva prospa"
translation to english- " A liar never prospers"

i'm so disappointed when i see things like this...makes me think
To this impostor (who shall remain nameless)

Be a leader, not a follower
and be true to yourself first!
you can't be better then anybody, you have to be better then yourslef

It's Snowing In Aspen...

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