Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blank stare... :|

So ciara is FINALLY dropping her new album
and this is her ACTUAL first single for the album; Fantasy Ride
(remember go girl? or whatever it was called...)

i'm not a hater, but i really am not feeling this video... this song
WHICH by the way is a remake, listen to the hook?
"if you don't know me by now" -simply red 89'

i like ciara i do, she used to have bangers just two years ago, but i'm really not feeling anything in this video, not the hair (stop with the blonde), not the wardrobe, not the song, actually i think the only thing i'm feeling is jeezy and the ridonclous acrobatic shit she can do ( the girls good i give her that)

i'm sorry i'm not a fan this time around, but i'm waiting for the next single

none the less

Never ever- Ciara ft Young Jeezy

It's Snowing In Aspen...

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