Thursday, January 15, 2009

I.Am.Music [i am up to early]

Tonight I'm going to the I Am Music Concert,and for those who don't know me, its like THE concert I have been waiting for, you can call me a BIG [Lil Wayne]fan,and I have been one, since his dreads were mere cornrows lol. I remember crying when I found out he had a daughter.LMAO *lame alert*

Anyway,I'm at the bus station standing in line, waiting to board the bus alllll the way back to toronto, 2 weeks into the second semester.[the things I do]Surprisingly, I'm not as excited as I would be, I'm actually getting use to being in the capital, and now travelling is simply a hassle.

I woke up at 8am,that's REALLY alll to early. Just so I could get there with enough time to beautify, and chill before going to the concert, that SHOULD hold me, until the next Beyonce or Jayz tour lol.Mind you,I have NOTHING to wear. :)

Ps.these group of girls behind me on the bus, are going too. They seem more excited than me! IMPOSSIBLE lol.they packed light, I can't say the same about myself.

I'm gonna put my touch on shuffle, and sleep the WHOLE way.

Raiineyyy; signing off to BOBmarley's Jammin. :)

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