Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who are you? really...

I honestly don't even feel like blogging about some stupid shit today, seeing how it is a very historical day...BUT
this needs to be addressed...
who are you? seriously it really upsets me to see that no one has there own identity these days...
I have always known that when somethings hot, people follow it, okay that's fine... but just copying what everyone else is doing just because it seems cool...AIN'T!
the recipe to make people these days are so cliche and non amusing...
the recipe is as follows

The recipe for a Loser who just follows shit


1 loser who knows absolutely nothing
1 facebook page to get you on the map
3 lil wayne songs ( get money, hustler music, leather so soft)
1-2 pairs of nike sb's or dunks
1 picture with one foot in the air, and fingers pointing to your "kicks"
a picture of you being "caught in the moment" (when in actuality you did it purposely)
a caption of what seems to be to you " a gangster or sick lyric"
SHIT you don;t know or would never know unless people where doing it first
oh yeah... And a BLOG
just because everyone else is doing it

Find a loser, mix all this stuff together and let sit for about 6-8 months
something else "cool" comes along

(not to our readers, don't worry we love you)
I had to take a moment to address this.. sad i know, but some people just don't do shit on there own....

Stop blogging other peoples shit, and taking ideas and then trying to make it yours

no one likes to be imitated, if your gonna do that shit at least copyright, DAMN!

You know who you are, FIND A HOBBY (preferably one that interest you, and NOT what seems cool)

Oh yeah...
we made history today y'all

I'm out...

It's Snowing In Aspen...

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