Saturday, November 29, 2008

"I introduce you to the preparation! "

Toronto is really doing some big things and are not leaving it up to south of the boarder to realize the talent that we got here! Correct me if I'm worng, but I really feel like I can say Drake set the stage for Toronto rappers to reveal their talent on an international stage and stick to something that they love. Many times in the past we see so many artist fall short, or take a really long time to get recognition on an international stage. Kardinall Offishal, Melanie Durant, Keisha Chante: ( i just had to google her last name cuz i entirely forget, like in all truth was going to write Keyshia Cole (lol)); Like what ever happened Keisha Chante? but getting back on track; I honestly believe that since Drake signed to young money records, its paved some type of road for up and coming artist like who you are about to see in the followig video!
(A-Game feat. Kim Davis : The Preparation)

(i see you O.G)

my girl B did it again!!

Cadillac Records stars Beyonce Knowles as Etta James on December 5th. It is a film that takes us back through history, at a time where we can sort of say music got its back bone from, the Blues, the era of the Rolling Stones and how crack coccaine at this time was the big lick like smoking herb today is!(lol) with that said heres the trailer for the movie, hope you enjoy it and actually go see it, you dont want to miss out!



Friday, November 28, 2008


NO really, WHAT IS THIS.
ahhhhhhhhh, instant THROWup.

its that SIMPLE;

I Have Developed This New..THING(so to speak)
and I'm calling it..THE WORD OF THE NIGHT
-- so after a long day, i will have a word that reflects most of my day.

Tonight being the first night. The Word Is: STUPIDITY

i realize more and more everyday, that PEOPLE are stupid, like very stupid.
it's actually kind of sad, when you think about it.

that's all folks.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not Famous, But I Understand..

bonjour B train passengers..
so i was cruising YouTube, and i came across this video of Nicole Ritchie getting bombarded by the
paparazzi and its just crazy how celebrities get attacked for photos like they are wild animals being captured. And then i think about what Kanye west was saying aboutt how it gets out of hand sometimes and its the same way princess diana died with paparazzi jumping over fences and chasing her in a high speed chase in her care leading her no where but to a terrible death, leaving her children behind. Like i understand, yea they are famous, but celebrities are people too. Just imagine being followed around every day, cameras in your face constantly, stupid questions being asked and your personal life being put on blast. I personally hate embarressment, and thats all these people are ready to do, is to catch your faults, catch you slipping, exploit your name. Like who the hell cares, focus on the things that matter, relax on the damn pictures. Alot of people would love to be famous, I personally would love to be famous, known for making a difference. But let it be my word, if on day that happens (lmao) just be sure that you will see me throwing camers, im gonna pull a naomi campbell on the photographers.. thats why i love kanye, he keeps it real, take the camera out of my face, give me some space and respect that space...
some people just do not know when to stop until someone gets seriously hurt!
as my mom used to say to me, who dont hear must feel,mmhmmh!
but yup! thats my outlook on this fame thing!
ride slow homies!





Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Run Dc!

Run DMC?
nah Obama runs DC! LOL
i like



It's snowing in Aspen...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dragonfly jones

*sigh.... I miss martin!

It's snowing in Aspen...

Punch drunk love..

So i had the opportunity to go to the N.E.R.D and Common concert this september
and Common performed this song, along with others, but this one caught me!
i'm glad to find out that it's available to listen to now, LOL
so here it is

It's snowing in Aspen...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Past tell..

Past tell is the clothing line by kanye west
he's been trying to put this out for a while now, but you know with Kanye everything has to be perfect... so here it goes... PAST TELL!

here is the link

it's snowing in Aspen...

808's and Heartbreaks..

I bought it, yeahhh i did!
let me just say, the CD IS " SO AMAZING"- Track 4 ft Young Jeezy
(Jeezy goeeesss harrrd!)

Everyone is talking about the sound.... IT'S DIFFERENT!
people are always begging for some new shit, and HERE IT IS!
Kanye is the truth, brings new shit all the time, and trust me it's much appreciated on this side!
Best of luck to him and this album

Rello it's snowing in Aspen...

Karrine steffans and bow wow...honestly

im sorry but this girl needs to STOP
bow wow is damn well 21 years old.. and she's 30
i bought your books... ALL 2 OF EM'
thought you were changed...
get a life now

it's snowing in Aspen...



Friday, November 21, 2008

been gone for a minute;

You guys know the rest!

Okayy guys, soo I haven't posted in what seems like forever..anywhooo!

I would like to share the days events with, you thanks for reading :) lol

--okay so my day started with jay, busting into my room..and throwing a sock at me..yelling "get yo asss up, now!" As if I'm some cadet in bootcamp. LOL love yah!
--grocery shopping LOL what an adventure.. We haven't done a full out shopping strip since thanksgiving-- dontt worry we eat well. We just buy what we have to cook. Lol welll that's getting old..soo we went with intentions to spend 150$ if that, I mean its only 3 of us.. LOL wouldn't u like to know!..annndd Treking back to the house with the HEAVY bags, in the cold..was nottt fun! I think I might have frost burn on my forehead. The things we do for food! Lol

--and to conclude this post.."LESS than 10mins agoo..this just in! I'm appauled. We are at the bus stop, and jay and maken get on the bus before me, I see this kid standing there looking pretty darn upset..but my feet were already I get on the bus, and say sorrrry to the kid, cuz I felt like I shoulda let him on first.
I soooo TAKE that back! Lol

This kid got on the bus, his mom said what happen? The little boy says to his mom... These people are so "fucking" rude. I don't know about YOU. Buuttt my mom woulda slapped the shit of me, rude or no rude, on the buss or not.

Kids have nothing called manners these days.

Peace Out.
T.T.Y.N--talk to you nevverr.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Monday, November 17, 2008

Dior 09', Marc Jacobs 09'

For the upcoming spring and summer
Designer labels Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs have taken a different look
i'm a fan, but holy... i think they designed these with Beyonce in mind..

 The brown ones are Dior

The other two Marc Jacobs


It's snowing in Aspen...

My 6 year old brother is going to University...

Just about 15 minutes ago, i was in the kitchen cleaning up when my youngest brother Jalen came running up to me...
normal right?
he called me a BITCH!...
then when i got angry... this kid ran, got the dictionary, and read me the definition
then explained to me that it's not a bad word, and why he should be able to use it..
Tomorrow i have decided to register him for university...
i think he's ready...
this is my 6 year old Brother Jalen...
i love this kid..

It's snowing in Aspen...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



I was "cruisin" the internet, and recieved a link from an elementary school friend.

I clicked it, and it was great, felt that others should be able to listen and appreciate the home grown talent

of toronto... something different, it made me think about what hip hop used to be, or sounded like when i was small watching my older brother and sisters( 80's babies) grow up... take a listen, im sure you will love it just like i did, and will also be eager to here more. This artist goes by the name of CHINX; A member of DRUKEN FISTS;;I love it!... thx jez for the link!

...send your feed back...



Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

so the B-train ladies, are giving a birthday shout outs, to our friends Jackey and Z-mon
today they are both celebrating another year of life
there will be pictures posted of the comming weekends events
look out
but yeah Happy Birthday Y'all

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Heres Two: A GREAT Weekend

WELL GUYS, here are a few pictures from our FAB[kimora style] weekend!
Parrtty!! whoooooooooo!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

*maybe this can MAKE your day.

*so I'm sitting in my room, listening to some pink[So What] i hear JAYbritt, swiftly walk past my door, i figure shes headed to Maken's room, we haven't been shopping yet soo, the kitchen was looking grim.
*so i as continue to rock out, i hear something that sounds something like this [roffblamtriptripSLAM] at first i listen for sounds.... like what happen!?!... then i hear a slight groan. LMAO i immediately start DYING of laughter, as i figured she MUST of fell down the stairs. [mind you we have hardwood floor].
*so i go to check out the scene, STILL laughing... this is what i see .........

[still laughing]

LMAO. JAY i know your gonna KILL me. BUT i had to do it!
Maken&I came to the conclusion that---->socks and hardwood DO not mix...walk good next time!
[So What?!]

A good read

so for those of you who read the coldest winter ever, by sister souljah
you know that the long wait for part two, or even for her to release another book was well anticipated...
here it is
Midnight a gangsters love story!
and yes, i picked it up last night, right before chapters closed lol

It's snowing in Aspen...

also, i was on my cousins page, (shout outs to VINA) lol, and she had a list of her favorite books posted, and i totally forgot about them
i read them and TRUST me they are real good
so with that being said
take notes



i read this one when i was 11! wayyy to complex and mature for me at the time, but i must say it was amazing when i read it again once i was older!


As promised...

As promised, pictures from OUR halloween will be posted
"JayBrittany", and "Rainey" weren't down here  to celebrate with us, but im pretty sure, there weekend entailed many more fun "activities" lol
"OH SO SOFT" wins best costume
his michael jackson impersonation, is by far the funniest i've seen in a while..
or maybe it's just because it was him? lol
but otherwise here they are

more to come later...

It's snowing in Aspen..


Although the b-train ladies aren't american, we still took it upon ourselves to follow the whole presidential campaigns, THIS IS NOT JUST A CHANGE FOR AMERICA!
but for EVERYONE, the first Black president? not to long ago, this was a very far fetched dream, a dream in which many african americans didn't think would happen...and guess what?
We the b-train ladies, wish America the best in there new DEMOCRATIC! ( OH YEAHH!) government, and wish OBAMA the best in his new reign of presidency and i really hope for CHANGE, america proved themselves yesterday as a country devoted to acknowledging the dream
and i don't mean to brag...
but to all those who were against OBAMA for reasons other then political
389 votes OBAMA
.....157 MCAIN
the answer is in the numbers...

it's snowing in Aspen... 
(which by the way OBAMA WON that state!) =)

Monday, November 3, 2008


With less than 24 hours for the American presidential election results, Canadians across the nation are sending messages of their support in various and unique ways. Some where in the capital of Canada (OTTAWA) the most political city in the nation, this taxi driver, my not be American but felt it was his duty to share and stand up for what he believes in. This hat, has been my inspiration for the week. It made me realize that this American election is making a turn in history. The presidential not only affects the united states of America, but does affect the entire world, this is what I really think change is all about. If, let me change that "WHEN" Obama is the next president of the united states, many will hate against him and thousands will applaud, a black president. I can not wait, it has made the whole world realize how much better we as individuals can be all because of one man, one inspiration. And its not only about the black minorities, dont get the message wrong, its about everyone having the confidence within, knowing that, I CAN...


Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Obamas running so we can all fly"-Hova

November 4th...
Make Change

It's snowing in Aspen...