Friday, October 31, 2008


anyway HAPPY HALLOWEEN..btrain readers lol
--k that was SUPER lame.

today was in interesting BORING..SAD day. but we made the best of it.
Pictures tooo come, soooo dont forget to come back and check those out!

I sooooooo wish i was home right now.
its HALLOWEEN on a FRIDAY( who woulda thunk it) and im home. on the computer! ---mannnn this is the life. *insert sheraine's rolling eyes here*

soooo pathetic...anyway

good-day my young lads.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


So I'm on my way to school, I admit I'm NOT the most friendly person, nor do I smile without reason.

BUT I fricking HATE ppl who stare! What The Hell? Is there a problemmm.

this particular girl has been staring at me the whole bus ride, I can feel her eyes, like she wants to look deep into my soul. NOW I'm waiting for the other bus.... LOL matter of fact lol, I just caught her AGAIN! Lol

Ohhhh man, this is gonna be an interesting day.

Here's my bus, peaceout.
Its a good read.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


looking at this picture, makes me feel like im on top of the world...untouchable;unstopable........ oh how great the imagination can be!

Soo, today hasnt been the BEST day.
1. i woke up to a "winter wonderland" and had to get bundled up! [pictures later one]
anyone who know me, knows how much i HATE the winter.
2. Ive had an on going headache, since about 3pm. NOT COOL.

Now, as i sit here in my friend's room waiting for my class to start in like a 30 minutes, im wondering "why am i here?" --> obviously for school i get that but... really what am i doing? lol

I'm not going to say much more. BUT I'll leave with saying this..

"I can do all things through Christ,who gives me strength"
-Philippians 4:13


it's 8:44 a.m....

it's 8:44 am and i'm at school..
today is a really long day, having 3 hour gaps in between classes till 5:50...
wake up in the morning at 6:00 to catch an 8:00 class...
get to the DAMN class and NO one is here...
so what keeps me sane...
log on to youtube, search mary j blige
plug in the earphones to this laptop
MAKE it seem like i'm  listening, but i shouldn''t fake it, the whole class is sleeping...
dumb tutorial
less then 5 minutes pass... it's now 8:47 am
and YOUR CHILD, by mary j blige
blasts through my headphones....
and i'm gone... untill class is dismissed at 10:45...
until then, i'm in a trance...
it's 8:50 now... and hour and change left.... 

It's snowing in Aspen....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Title less post... to much thinking..

Your going NO where Fast
misery likes company
and i'm quite the anti social
It's snowing in Aspen...

see. i just [DON'T] get it...

Okay, soooo I'm in my film clas,YES...meaning I'm on my "blackberry"<--shameless plug. Lol.


Based on the recent events of the weekend, I find myself asking the question "what is the world coming too?"

Like what would make someone kill, a WHOLE family..I just don't understand, like that person must NOT love his/her lifee,because the only place that person is going is to hell QUICK. It really just makes NO sense, a mother,her son,and 7 year old grandchild!? Urgghh ..makes me sick!

Annnnnndd the whole Obama assasination thing, its 2008 like really now, its time for a change. I mean its obvious there are still racist pricks out there, and its true that some aren't ready for a "black"president. Buutt LET IT GO, what's meant to be will be. I was honestly really upset when my mom told me to watch the news. I dunno,its just uber stupid!

Anyway, this was one of the more personal ones.
-thanks for reading


Monday, October 27, 2008

True Story; Charlie Baltimore?

**This morning on my way to school "French Class" my eyes played a serious trick.... That bright red hair, black attire, slim figure; Charlie Baltimore ? IMPOSTER ... I had to snag a photo;



moncler jackets

i must say that i really enjoy these jackets.. i got introduced to them earlier on this year, and hey winter is approaching...

check them out...

this jacket is crazy!

available at holt renfrew.. prices vary from like 1150 lol


it's snowing in Aspen..


Brookz & JMusik Behind the Scenes Show Rehearsal

-loookin good fellas, keep up the hard work.

KG[i see yah]


Assassination Plot:

A serious issue faces America right now. The vision of change was challenged to be cut short.
Plans to shoot 88 and decapitate 14 African - Americans at a high school in Tennessee. To finalize the plan, was the attempt to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic to the neo-Nazi groups referring to hail Hitler, and a 14 word slogan often sited in racist propaganda. These two neo-Nazi skinheads didnt believe they would be able to do it, but would die trying. Both individuals stated "they would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats during the assassination attempt".


Tupac &Keyshia Cole (?) hmmmmm....

So We Have......
ONEof the greatest; TUPAC ....add(+)some KILLER vocals from miss Keyshia Cole...and we have a BANGER!!

Keyshia Seems Like She's GOING HARD With This Album.

Peep The Video
*credits to THEYBF.COM


"Come on Shawty ; Don't Play Now "


Halloween Thriller !!

Loved it or Hated it?
We want your feedback...

Where is this girl?

Throwback... remember those days?
lol when Brandy was still on T.v and braids with burnt ends were hot, along with bucket hats..

It's snowing in Aspen..

[SO]this is what it's about. "boys"dont be upset.

So, Mrs.Carter has done it AGAIN.
With her 3rd solo album, about to hit stores NOVEMBER 18[mark the date]
B,has hit us with NOT 1 but 2 singles off her Deluxe Package CD,
I am....Beyonce|I am...SashaFierce (we wont know for sure until the 18th]
1 cd being on a more balladic side[if i were a boy],and the other more upbeat[single ladies]

Ek,Cant Wait!

Check Out, this Promo Video.
Where B..or should i say "Sasha" puts the "boys" to shame.


Sunday, October 26, 2008


The Cupcake Shoppe.
2417 Yonge Street,
2 Blocks North of Eglinton Avenue,
On The East Side of Yonge.

if your in the area, and your craving for something sweet, you will NOT be dissappointed. with many cupcakes to choose from, i bet you'll leave with more than just ONE.



the dreadful b train on a sticky New york afternoon...
getting lost in New york is as simple as...A,B,C,D..Q, 1, 2,3
a bit of advice?
DRIVE EVERYWHERE YOU NEED TO GO...when in the big city

it's snowing in Aspen..

Hmmmm; I like.

POP ROSE- Drake Ft.Trey Songz

thatss whats up! [tenika i see you]

Kanye says robocop..

"Finest girl i ever seen, straight off a movie scene"

this guy is great! 808's and heartbreaks.. need i say more?

it's snowing in Aspen..

[what] "the take over?"

replacing the oh so outdated UGGS!!!;Laurentian & Chief moccasins; cute;fashionable; and furry inside for warmth!! multiple colors; so theres no need to push...

$79.99 CDN


Spotted in the window of the capitals OTTAWA well known clothing store NORML ; paintings by david choe;what more can be said to add to this inspirational piece? spreading a message of HOPE & CHANGE to all americans; Barack Obama; THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES;Vote 4 Change!!

$300+ CDN

see for yourself



i see you jockin jay-z?

guessss whoo?
he's back! new cd Blueprint 3 produced by kanye?
can you wait? i know i can't. but it looks like jay and B are hitting us hard
first marriage now they're both dropping an album in the same year?
i'm in love all over again hahah...


...I may be late but..

honestly i am late, but the new fall/winter 08' line for the womens gucci line is HOT
imagine walking down the street on a nice fall day, all glamoured up, and to top it off you got these?!
ahhhh it's love

check out the rest


on your marks, get set, GO!

Hello Friends, Welcome.