Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello There...Yes You There lol

How are you doing world!? So, I've been urging to blog and assist the ladies of the b-train for some time now. My schedule has finally managed to simmer (die down) for a bit and some spaces have opened up, yay me! So with this allotted free time, which is usually some where around 10:30 to 1am, I will be putting some energy into entertaining you, yes YOU lol.

But OMG, where did my manners go? I done lost my let's get properly acquainted shall we. I go by Miss. Jones, yes I know, pretty common eh, but how can you forget it. I'm studying communications at a fine establishment in Canada's capital...for my non-Canadian readers, no Canada is not covered with snow and we do not live in igloos. As I was I'm studying communications and soon enough I will be embarking upon a career in public relations. In my spare time I enjoy blogging (as is the case right now), looking at the gossip sites, shopping granted the funds are up lol, doing yoga, and having some alone time for self-evaluation..amongst other things.

From time to time I will probably be dropping the realness from my life experiences, or day to day events/activities..but my main contribution to this blog will be segments of love and relationships..and random others lol. I have been rambling on and on for some time now, and really, ya'll must be losing focus. So, on that note, kick off your shoes and relax your feet lol...this is one ride that you're bound to enjoy!

Kisses Sugars...muah* muah*

Buh Bye My Lil'Dumplings.

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