Thursday, January 8, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Nathan Noel

.+*/-.The Prolonged Equation.+*/-.
by Nathan Blingz Noel

You were my thesis & concluding paragraph
you helped me bleed along the white lines
you were my inspiration to the pain I feel
you were my last confession...

My tears continued to distort my vision
so your flaws were never fluorescent
but as your tears remove your make-up
I can now see all the colours of the rainbow

These prolonged goodbyes have me tired
gasping for air, hoping one day she'll finally wave
but as reality strikes twelve o clock
I know she'll continue to linger on "bye"...

Some people have real problems
some have solutions, some are 3.14
but as this equation slowly concludes
I am proud to say, I figured you out on my own...

Me+You-The Happines / Pain = Goodbye..

Good Job Nathan, Well Written. I Love It.
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