Monday, November 3, 2008


With less than 24 hours for the American presidential election results, Canadians across the nation are sending messages of their support in various and unique ways. Some where in the capital of Canada (OTTAWA) the most political city in the nation, this taxi driver, my not be American but felt it was his duty to share and stand up for what he believes in. This hat, has been my inspiration for the week. It made me realize that this American election is making a turn in history. The presidential not only affects the united states of America, but does affect the entire world, this is what I really think change is all about. If, let me change that "WHEN" Obama is the next president of the united states, many will hate against him and thousands will applaud, a black president. I can not wait, it has made the whole world realize how much better we as individuals can be all because of one man, one inspiration. And its not only about the black minorities, dont get the message wrong, its about everyone having the confidence within, knowing that, I CAN...


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