Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not Famous, But I Understand..

bonjour B train passengers..
so i was cruising YouTube, and i came across this video of Nicole Ritchie getting bombarded by the
paparazzi and its just crazy how celebrities get attacked for photos like they are wild animals being captured. And then i think about what Kanye west was saying aboutt how it gets out of hand sometimes and its the same way princess diana died with paparazzi jumping over fences and chasing her in a high speed chase in her care leading her no where but to a terrible death, leaving her children behind. Like i understand, yea they are famous, but celebrities are people too. Just imagine being followed around every day, cameras in your face constantly, stupid questions being asked and your personal life being put on blast. I personally hate embarressment, and thats all these people are ready to do, is to catch your faults, catch you slipping, exploit your name. Like who the hell cares, focus on the things that matter, relax on the damn pictures. Alot of people would love to be famous, I personally would love to be famous, known for making a difference. But let it be my word, if on day that happens (lmao) just be sure that you will see me throwing camers, im gonna pull a naomi campbell on the photographers.. thats why i love kanye, he keeps it real, take the camera out of my face, give me some space and respect that space...
some people just do not know when to stop until someone gets seriously hurt!
as my mom used to say to me, who dont hear must feel,mmhmmh!
but yup! thats my outlook on this fame thing!
ride slow homies!


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