Saturday, November 29, 2008

"I introduce you to the preparation! "

Toronto is really doing some big things and are not leaving it up to south of the boarder to realize the talent that we got here! Correct me if I'm worng, but I really feel like I can say Drake set the stage for Toronto rappers to reveal their talent on an international stage and stick to something that they love. Many times in the past we see so many artist fall short, or take a really long time to get recognition on an international stage. Kardinall Offishal, Melanie Durant, Keisha Chante: ( i just had to google her last name cuz i entirely forget, like in all truth was going to write Keyshia Cole (lol)); Like what ever happened Keisha Chante? but getting back on track; I honestly believe that since Drake signed to young money records, its paved some type of road for up and coming artist like who you are about to see in the followig video!
(A-Game feat. Kim Davis : The Preparation)

(i see you O.G)

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