Friday, November 21, 2008

been gone for a minute;

You guys know the rest!

Okayy guys, soo I haven't posted in what seems like forever..anywhooo!

I would like to share the days events with, you thanks for reading :) lol

--okay so my day started with jay, busting into my room..and throwing a sock at me..yelling "get yo asss up, now!" As if I'm some cadet in bootcamp. LOL love yah!
--grocery shopping LOL what an adventure.. We haven't done a full out shopping strip since thanksgiving-- dontt worry we eat well. We just buy what we have to cook. Lol welll that's getting old..soo we went with intentions to spend 150$ if that, I mean its only 3 of us.. LOL wouldn't u like to know!..annndd Treking back to the house with the HEAVY bags, in the cold..was nottt fun! I think I might have frost burn on my forehead. The things we do for food! Lol

--and to conclude this post.."LESS than 10mins agoo..this just in! I'm appauled. We are at the bus stop, and jay and maken get on the bus before me, I see this kid standing there looking pretty darn upset..but my feet were already I get on the bus, and say sorrrry to the kid, cuz I felt like I shoulda let him on first.
I soooo TAKE that back! Lol

This kid got on the bus, his mom said what happen? The little boy says to his mom... These people are so "fucking" rude. I don't know about YOU. Buuttt my mom woulda slapped the shit of me, rude or no rude, on the buss or not.

Kids have nothing called manners these days.

Peace Out.
T.T.Y.N--talk to you nevverr.

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