Wednesday, February 25, 2009

urgh; it came to this

This is my last post for the night, i know we haven't been keeping up with the posts...really i don't have an excuse except for that i been catching up on some serious sleep. don't hate me :D lol

Anyway today i had to restore my ipod, its actually syncing right now, i didn't realize how many songs i have on it..and there is still space left. Anyway lately i have been thinking about some stuff that's happened in my life, and this ipod situation made me automatically think about starting over..well maybe not over...but starting fresh.

Basically everything happens for a ipod was due for clean up anyway..and the events that happen in my life, were also meant to happen. I can no longer dwell on the past, and give those people too much credit for the significant (or lack thereof) role they play, or played in my life. The way i see it is, if you wanted or want to be in my life...then you would be.

I was on facebook the other day, and my friend had a comment that kinda went like this. "Friendship or Love" -- i dont think you can have a friendship without love..its just that simple..i love my friends flaws and all..but im not IN love with them. lol i have never been IN love..i dont know if i believe in love anymore besides the love i have for my friends and my family. Lately i have been seeing and hearing alot about this "Love" thingg..and quite frankly......... lol quite franklyy. LOL

kisses; raiiney.

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