Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One French Vanilla Hot Shot Smoothie Please!

Waking up at 6:45 for school, this was exactly what I was looking forward to. Especially because it was going to be free with my roll up the rim to win prize! Don't get it twisted, i despise coffee which was the prize, but i instantly got what i wanted and proceeded to the library to study for my economics exam... Why am i writing about this? No particular reason, just that I am addicted and this hot beverage does me justice, gives me that extra umph! lol that I need t start out my day.. No i don't work at tim hortons and im not advertising, just though i should share the beauty of this drink. It costs $1.86 and you can either get a Butter Caramel Hot shot Smoothie, or a French Vanilla one. mmmm, and don't forget to double cup it, cuz its hot!! =)

Ps. Thx Rello for getting me addicted!

Via ; Tim Hortons


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