Sunday, March 8, 2009


This weekend I made a short visit to Toronto for some business. During this trip I made a quick detour downtown Eaton Center to change the size of these shoes i bought..urgg.. but whatever, shoes were worth it!! But yes, the real point of the matter is that this ad was posted on the train, where all the rest of the ads are posted on the train. So I look up and this is what I read, I dont know how to feel about this comment, this advertisement, this statement. I remembered the website and looked it up, and started reading about some interesting stuff, some kind of charity. It sfunny because this women on the train was the one that pointed it out to me, and she was quite upset, she felt as if it was some sort of racisit comment. I dunno, about the racist thing, but she seemed pretty upset and wanted to pop of that black thingy and rip it down... i dunno, just something that happened and had to blog about... Comments are open to what you feel about it...

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