Thursday, March 5, 2009

here goes;

I promised myself i wouldn't give in, like every other blog and post anything about the Chris Brown, Rihanna situation. BUT after hearing that this guy can spend up to 9 years in prison, even with her testimony makes me really wonder the extent of the situation.
I felt bad for her, everyone looking down on her decision to get back with him, its clear and very obvious she loves him, but i question whether the feelings are really mutual. I mean how could you beat her soo bad, that there was blood splattered all over your RENTED Lambo (lmao), and her wicked dress. I meannnnnn YOU did a number on her. BUT nowwwww im super disappointed in her decision to get back together..i mean we aren't friends or anything so my opinion doesn't really matter but dang, home boy almost killed your ass and your talking about "hes my angel, he doesn't mean it" i wanna slap some sense into her myself.
I will always be a Rihanna fan, just like i will always be a Chris Brown fan..but geezz talk about LOST ratings. They should both be setting examples, and they just tarnished their whole reputation. Congrats you Idiots, Congrats.

say no to violence :D

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