Wednesday, October 29, 2008


looking at this picture, makes me feel like im on top of the world...untouchable;unstopable........ oh how great the imagination can be!

Soo, today hasnt been the BEST day.
1. i woke up to a "winter wonderland" and had to get bundled up! [pictures later one]
anyone who know me, knows how much i HATE the winter.
2. Ive had an on going headache, since about 3pm. NOT COOL.

Now, as i sit here in my friend's room waiting for my class to start in like a 30 minutes, im wondering "why am i here?" --> obviously for school i get that but... really what am i doing? lol

I'm not going to say much more. BUT I'll leave with saying this..

"I can do all things through Christ,who gives me strength"
-Philippians 4:13


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