Sunday, June 14, 2009


This weekend was GREAT.
Friday hit up BODY ROCK with my right and left hand nigga & of course the FAMILY and like always it was a GREAT time.

pictures will surely follow.
being 19 pays off, being able to FREELY drink..without having to watch your back lmao.

Saturday we hit up PLAYERS BALL--the WHOLE crew.... DHG back in full effect, and we KILLED it...we always look wicked soo ah nuh nuttin. and pictures will follow also.
I had the MOST Fun, and will say that anyone WHO didnt come..missed a GREAT friggin party.

essentials to a great party.
--& SOME GOOSE lmao. it is what it is.

this was a great weekend. this is what summer should be like.

SHOUTS to MIRANDA happy birthday love. and KRIS--your party SELL off.u infinity guys know how to throw a party.

NEXT YEAR? LMAO for sureee

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