Friday, April 3, 2009

Stressful days leads me to be an emotional reck...

So today was one of those days, where i ended up just staring into space for 2 hours, with absolutely nothing on, not even my music, i usually always have a song for my days of depression, but today no song made me feel any better.... i must have been super stressed out...

in my thoughts i conjured up how i felt
then i grabbed my pen and wrote
it doesn't have to make sense
it doesn't have to mean anything
it's just how i feel...

Meet me; The Dreamer

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired
i'm a dreamer; i dream big and picture myself in places i wish to be
i play positions that lead me straight to my dream
i'm sick and tired of choosing your reality first, and placing my dream second
i'm a dreamer
and once upon a time i would place my dreams aside for you...
and completely reject my unreal perceptions of life 
and join your straight lined plan of  what you call "realistic living"
and while your light shined bright, mine dimmed and faded into the background

Goodnight to your selfish way of living

....And let my dreams take me away

It's Snowing In Apsen...

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