Friday, March 13, 2009


Today I had another day off from school, no class, and I went to hand in my assignment at the drop box in the Loeb Building. ( For those who go to Carleton University and are in Law, you know the drop box) so yes, I was waiting for the elevator and its packed, whatever, I am not taking the stairs. So i get on the elevator and i'm getting off the 4th floor and right then and there, I trip in front of all the people in the elevator, so I quickly walk to the drop box to hand in the assignment. so saddd... thats not all that happened to me today....

i take the train to meet up with rainey downtown at rideau centre (Ottawa) and she says to me " jay, you have some sort of run in your tights, like sorta torn soo for the rest of the day, I walked around with my hand hiding my butt, cuz apparently it was at the but crack, i tried soo hard to stretch my shirt farther then it could go...lmfao, so sadd.. soft.. I waso nly in chapters!! lmfao!!


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