Friday, March 27, 2009

LeBron for MVP!!

Take it in..LBJ..get off him, # 5: look at how high this guy gets, this guy spikes the ball #4: k , get off #3: uhhh in Josh Smith's eye...#2: k, this guy pins yao ming,, with his hands up, mind you yao is like 7'4, and his hands are up, and he gets pinned, and Lebron isn't even a post player.. honestly, put LBJ in any position, he gets the Job done!! LBJ FOR MVP!! LOL..k, back to March Madness.. (lol.. I snapped oh LeBron.. sorry, i had to, too many people been pinnin' me sayin Kobe..k ( you know who you are)LMFAO.. this next dude had the audacity to pin me and say this guy didnt even say chris paul, D. Wade or Kobe, this guy said MELO???? uhhh k...) I dunno, if you know me, I love ball soo, state your opinion, who do you think is takin MVP this year?



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