Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ain't procrastination a motherfu...
Once again this bitch has fucked up the motives for my week. I would like to put the onus on myself BUT I am more convinced now than ever that procrastination is a fatal disease that plagues millions of students world else do you explain all of us falling victim to "never getting our work done"?

They always say as the above image illustrates oh so clearly, to "never put off what you can do today til tomorrow" and ye it sounds nice and dandy when you have that motivation to or you just got back a great mark and are driven to finally put the pen to the pad...but how many of us really follow through? Shoot, I know for one that I don't. I am not even fini lie to ya'll. I said Friday after BASICALLY getting the answers and questions to my exam this Friday that I was going to start studying for my test tomorrow as well as my exam coming's now Sunday 45 minutes from Monday, and I have yet to do so. What have I been doing all this time...fuck, I don't even know. I slept, I ate, I shat, I bathed, I kicked it with my ppls, I ate, and then repeated the cycle over again 2 days straight. In the span of 72 is completely sad and embarassing to say that I have not done shit, nothing productive all damn weekend. NOW AIN'T THAT A BITCH.

So to take accountability for my inaction, I decided to talk about procrastination in hopes that talking about it and acknowledging that I have procrastinated all weekend long on this studying, would lead to me actually getting my ass up out my seat and start studying if not even for an hour! People, please use me as an example. Do not end up like me and the millions of other students out there right now at 11:19 pm who are waiting til the wire to get shit accomplished. Not only is it a horrible feeling, but it's really a bad habit to acquire that will follow you into your future endeavours if you so as make it that far before a)burning out b)killing yourself or c)giving up, and for us all I hope it's the latter if so be.

Now that I have provided my public announcement to the youth of North America and beyond, I shall practice what I preach and hit them books.

Til next time...

Toodles, and later dayz snookums!

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