Thursday, December 11, 2008

my love;

yesterday Jay and I were just chilling taking a much needed break, listening to some music. and it hit me yesterday how much i REALLY love music, i realized that its my passion.i mean everyone who knows me, knows how i feel about music, and how it kind of rules my own little world. it is really true when people say music can get them out of ANY situation, and thats exactly what it does for me. it brings me to this place where NOTHING matters, and i love it.
i listen to everything, and that is NOT a lie. country,rock,pop,hip hop, gospel, the WHOLE works, and there is a song for every mood, and every situation i HAVE ever ,ever been in.
i think what did it for me yesterday was Lauryn Hill..i was listening to her Unplugged, and SHE will ALWAYS be one of my favs, her music is REAL music, one that i can actually appreciate.

its true. MUSIC makes my WORLD go round.


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