Monday, December 1, 2008

Maa Nigggggaaas

Everyone who knows me, knowssss I'm an R&B;oldiess kinda girl. but these dudes ARE bananas! Anddd I actually really listen to them, and like them :) lol

This weekend, I spent a lot of time taking in LUDA&JAY, and its fair to continue to say, this guys are CRAZY.

Luda is terrrribly unrated, check out his new album, Theater Of Mind if u haven't alreaddyyy. He goesss hard, not to metion howwww cute he is.
I Seeee YOU luda.
Shout out too my Carleton friend Claudia. I knoooww u adore him.

Jay-z is crazy, like we knoow this already. C'monnn. I can't waiitt for the Blueprint 3. And that's a big step for me to anticipate, an album besides Kanye's , that isn't on the ballad kinda mellow tip. Yay! Meee lol. This weekend, my bro and I were BUMPINGGG Jay's: Party Life-- off the American Gangster album. His flow is crazy, it was love at first song.

Mark ( or should I say) Chris--Lmao I SEE you.

*sisters get respect,bitches get what they deserve*

rain-tastic LOL.

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